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Zillow is POACHING your listings!

Zillow is ACTIVELY contacting and POACHING YOUR listings. What are our Real Estate organizations doing about it? What can YOU do about it?

“The good news is that plenty of sellers end up changing real estate agents for one reason or another, even if the agreement hasn't expired" - From Email to Seller

Join us for a FREE webinar where we will discuss Zillow's actions, MLS responses and more:

  • Zillow is now competing against YOU!

  • Zillow is sending emails to YOUR listings!

  • Zillow is now a brokerage!

  • Zillow buys Showing Time for 500m!

  • How to show TRUE Realtor value

  • Tools to decimate iBuyer's value

  • How to BEAT Zillow’s iBuyer service

  • What Zillow’s IDX feed means to you

  • How Zillow can steal future listings

  • How to educate your database about the costs and hidden fees of Zillow & other iBuyers

Zillow/CRMLS Presentation
Download PDF • 30.73MB

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