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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if I LOST the certificate I was told to put in a safe place?
    There is a fee of $29.95 to have our independent continuing education providers research and replace a lost certificate. To request a replacement certificate from our independent continuing education providers, you can order the certificate HERE. The process generally takes 2-3 business days to complete the request.
  • How many credits? How do I get my Certificate of Completion?
    You will get your Continuing Education certificates for up to 45 or 48 credit hours (depending on your license) after you have completed the testing process with the REFERRAL to the certified CalDRE Continuing Education provider. You are able to go online immediately after course completion to renew your license as long as you are inside your 90 day window of your license expiration date at: NOTE: You can EARN your credits anytime in the 4 years between expiration dates… you do not need to wait until the last minute to earn them.
  • What if I did test, I did pass and DID NOT save my certificate like I was told to do?"
    There is a fee of $29.95 to have our independent continuing education providers research and replace a lost certificate. To request a replacement certificate from our independent continuing education providers, you can order your certificate HERE.
  • Does it meet the requirements for a BROKER or SALESPERSON license renewal?
    YES! As a member of THE CAREER COMPASS both Salesperson & Broker licenses are included in our REFERRAL to our Certified Continuing Education provider partner, affiliate company. Our partner, affiliate company, whom is in good standing with the CalDRE, will provide to you the opportunity to test for all 45/48 of the continuing education credit-hours you need to renew your salesperson or broker license for the upcoming four (4) year period.
  • Do I have to wait until 90 days before my DRE expiration to get my CE credits?
    NO!! NO!! NO!! You can get your Continuing Education ANYTIME in the 4 years prior to your expiration. A CE certificate is good for 4 years from the date you earned it. The 90 day window is your DRE Renwal window, this is the only time the DRE will accept your renewal application and pay your renewal fees with the state.
  • How do I renew with the DRE? Do I mail my certificate into the DRE? Or do you do that for me?
    NO, NO and NO! Do not mail it in. At the Seminar and in your Workbook you were instructed to and shown how to go online to complete your license renewal process. If you have forgotten everything we taught you and have lost your book you can download the instructions HERE – that can be done sometime within a 90 day window before your license expires. And NO we do not do it for you!
  • Does Career Compass pay your DRE renewal fee?
    LOL, That is hilarious! NO! THE CAREER COMPASS LIFETIME TICKET is as good as it gets, however it does NOT and cannot cover your DRE renewal fee. Unfortunately, there is no way we could stay in business if we did.
  • I Just Attended An Office Meeting Or Lunch Presentation And Signed Up – When/How Do I Get A Confirmation, Invoice, Or Materials Offered?"
    The first thing to understand is that once you have signed up it may take 2-5 business days for accounting and data processing to enter your information into the systems. From there you will receive your confirmation Welcome Email with all the information about how to use your Career Compass Membership as well as a eceipt for your membership fee. If you have not received your Welcome Email, please check your SPAM/JUNK email folder and if you still cannot find your Welcome Email, please email our support team at for further assistance.
  • Do I get an actual TICKET or ID CARD?
    NO… we keep all records electronically. In essence, you are the ticket- your face & DRE number is your ticket...FOR LIFE.
  • I am not a Member – How do I become one and register?
    To purchase a Ticket/Membership – call us at 619-990-1106 or... Simply click the “BECOME A MEMBER” button one the website menu and purchase your lifetime ticket. If you are reading this from somewhere other than our website, go to and click the above-mentioned button.
  • WHO qualifies for the $99.00 additional ticket?
    This is ONLY for a Spouse, Relative or Assistant. To purchase their ticket…..Contact our office by emailing and they will send you a link to process the add on membership at the discounted rate of $99 or give our office a call at 619-990-1106.
  • Are the tickets refundable?
    Of course not! That is just silly. However, your ticket/membership is fully transferrable and never expires.
  • Where can I get the company LOGO to use?
    The logos are attached to the emails you receive and you can find them by clicking the MEMBER TOOLBOX right here on the Career Compass website.
  • When is your next seminar? What time does it start? What time do we get done?
    Visit our Seminar page of our website to find upcoming seminars and times. Please note, all scheduled seminars are subject to change and times listed are approximate.
  • I want to reserve a seat at seminar – how do I let you know I will be attending?
    Click on the “SEMINAR” button to the menu and each seminar has an RSVP button, just click the RSVP for the seminar you would like to attend and complete the RSVP form.
  • Do you have room blocks for us?
    When we are at a convention center type setting (in other words NOT at a hotel) we DO NOT… check or google local hotel and make your own selection. When we are at a hotel if the hotel offers a discount we will include the information in your seminar confirmation email. Many times the discount offered is not any different than the hotel's regular listed rate so a room block is not necessary.
  • Where can I find the pre-study materials?
    As a member, once you have RSVP'd for the seminar you are wanting to attend, you will receive a confirmation that you are registered. Then you will receive emails from our CalDRE certified continuing education provider. These emails will have all the information you need as well as access to the pre-study materials.
  • Can I take my entire testing in one day…why 3 days?
    NO... DRE has a 15/24 rule that does not allow testing on more than 15 credits in a 24 hour period. The minimum number of days it takes to get all the credit hours needed for a renewal is 3 days.
  • What if I’m not getting any Emails (or if I have changed my Email address since I signed up)?
    Email our office at and give us your NEW email. We will be happy to update the system.
  • How do I get one of your representatives to speak at my office?
    We are always happy to send one of our representative out to host a lunch and learn. Here are a few details about our presentations: The class is 90 minutes with 30 minutes of Q&A at the end Minimum class attendance is 10 agents Lunch or refreshments are available upon request Can be used as a recruiting event To see our list of available classes and to submit a request CLICK HERE or go to the FREE CLASSES tab of our website.
  • I purchased The Greatest Hits but am not receiving any updates, what should I do?"
    As a Greatest Hits member you will receive a LIFETIME of updates and we have also created an online community for you to participate in as a networking and informational platform. Just CLICK HERE and submit your member enrollment request. Once your Greatest Hits membership is verified you will be sent an email so you can log in, view the updates and become a member of our online community.
  • I am a member and I am trying to log into your website but it doesn't recognize me.
    The login section of our website is for members that own a copy of our Greatest Hits. If you own a copy but have never logged into our Member Only portion of our website, you will first need to submit a request to join and our staff will verify you are a Greatest Hits owner and you will be sent an email when you can log into the Greates Hits member community. If you do not own the Greatest Hits but would like to and join the online information and networking community, you can purchase your set HERE.
  • I bought the Greatest Hits and I am not sure how to use the USB Drive...HELP!
    Your Greatest Hits USB Drive, that thing that looks like a credit card or a luggage tag that was included in your package, is an easy way to keep your Greatest Hits easily accessible at all times. CLICK HERE to see a quick how to video.

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