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Training Agents to Succeed

Information & tools to support and retain agents

In-Office Classes We Offer

*10 Agent Minimum Attendance Required to Book


Host one of our 1/2 day MEGA training events. Great for existing agents and a remarkable recruiting tool. Contact our office today to partner with us for this event. 

*additional minimum attendance requirement

Tools of the Top 10%

Techniques of the Top10% of all Realtors - quit chasing leads!

Beating iBuyers

How to BEAT iBuyers is the #1 Lunch & Learn in California for three years straight!!!

Realtor Marketing

How to market your Real Estate business to stop cold calling and door knocking - get more leads!

7% Listings

Agents learn how to present to sellers and complete contracts for 7% Commission when other agents are cutting their commissions to 5% or lower. 

Planning & Tracking

How to plan and track your business for maximum leads, listings and commissions.

Client Relationships

2 Part Course

How to build lifelong client relationships with your database & hunting area.  

Body Language

Body language class specifically designed for Real Estate - super entertaining!

Team Building

 How to build the best team within your brokerage...a must for the future!

Performance Realty

How to train your mind & body to be smarter & healthier today than yesterday!

Door Knocking

Door knocking the correct way...if you must - get people to actually answer the door!

Custom Class

Have something you would like us to cover but it isn't listed? Contact us for a custom class for your office 

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