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Carol Haacker

I can’t tell you how wonderful and uplifting your class was this past weekend. You are so amazing. I have been in this wonderful business of Real Estate since 1970. I have probably been to over 500 training classes for one thing or another with the best of the best over the past years. I HAVE NEVER HAD A MORE REWARDING SESSION then your classes Wellington. Your humor and energy is the best I have ever seen. Not even Tony Robbins can hold a candle to you. Your spirit of life is the highest I have ever seen. Everyone in So. Orange County knows me and I want to assure you that they will all know about your fantastic training and knowledge that you have. Your staff is amazing and have total respect for you as well. I can’t express how much I enjoyed you this past weekend and I so appreciate everything you do to make this business and its agents more productive and successful.


Bill Kohl

I just wanted to take a minute and express my sincere thanks to you and all the Career Compass staff for an excellent, informative and very useful seminar this weekend. Besides passing my renewal license test this was one of the most useful seminars that I have ever attended. The content and the teaching was excellent, and we have to give a BIG HIGH 5 to Wellington the BEEF!! I have never seen someone like him with so much energy, enthusiasm, and drive, plus he was hilarious and very entertaining and full of great useful information that is in our book.

Well, Thanks again for a fabulous time and tons of great and useful information that will have my business chasing me as opposed to me chasing my business.


Darren Orshoff

By far the best CE credit training in the universe. If you are doing it any other way you are behind the curve. This is the first company (outside of the one I am associated with) :) that lives up to, and exceeds, the hype. If you are in Real Estate or Lending and need your CE credits for the CalBRE the only place to get them is The Career Compass.


Sierra Cadigan

Mr. Beef Wellington and his amazing team transformed my life today. I didn’t realize how much I learned until I was driving home and reflecting on the three day event. I learned more at this seminar then my whole three and a half years in the business now how is that for results!!! Thank you again for all the juicy info and I’m so glad I signed up!


Jessica Warren

I just finished the Temecula Career Compass and WOW. Not only do you get CE credits, you learn so much! I will warn you though, this isn't for the light hearted. You must bring an open mind, sense of humor, and thick skin. Beef Wellington is hands down the BEST speaker. He is rude, crude, and brutally honest. He takes the shock factor and injects steroids. He is AMAZING and easy on the eyes ladies. He's colorful teaching brought a smile to my face and an everlasting impression to my heart. BRILLIANT. I will be back.

ScottArcher (1).jpg

Scott Archer

Great information about what's going on, marketing, constantly updating information. Used there IBuyer presentation to make an IBuyers guide for Listing Presentions.


Tracee Denby

Fantastic Training, Networking & FUN!

doc polly.jpg

Doc & Polly Zikakis

THANK YOU, Wellington, who I consider your very BEST asset, spoke at our office. He explained a new Tax Farming type of NOTICE. Could you PLEASE ask him to e-mail me ALL the information such as the wording ,how he calculate the 120,140% tax base for review by the Assessor, and any other information he can give me for our office. By the way, I am sure you all realize his worth to your company, so PLEASE tell him he has a tremendous following, and we all support Career Compass because of him, and that is a FACT!

By the way, I have been in real estate for upwards of 40 years. I have NEVER been to a seminar THIS GOOD…ever. Just thought you would like to know.


Kenny R. Ga

I just wanted to email you and thank you and your staff for such a motivated, informative, creative, and inspiring seminar. I have been to other seminars in the past and NOTHING even compare’s to the one I just attended this past weekend in SF. I am so excited and grateful to all the new ideas I just learned and can’t wait to get started using them in my business as well as sharing ideas with my agents in my office. I have already referred Career Compass to other agents in different offices.

Thanks Again for an Awsome Seminar and will see you in Napa with new recruits.

tony tasha.jpg

Tony & Tasha Vruvides

The Career Compass has been the only seminar I have been to, that actually taught me how to become a better realtor. I have implemented a lot of their material and each and every one of them has been successful. The 7% commission is absolute genius. Many of our clients were skeptical,at first, until they saw that they would get more for their house than if they would list it 5%. And Beef? A better speaker, that gets you interested to learn, I have yet to meet.
Whoever is not part of the Career Compass is losing out on a lot!


Linda Tipton

Career Compass is a realtor's best advocate. The most fun I ever had while learning. Thank you "Beef" Wellington! I received my CMPSS Designation, passed my license renewal exam, and got updated on the "Uberization" of the real estate industry all in 3 days! They tell it like it is, and I also walked away with 12 discs to continue bringing my game up so I can be a seller's and buyer's best advocate! and make a living as well! Oh, and now I am a life-time member!


Debby Baptiste

I love that I can attend a fun and educational seminar with a great group of people and take away something new and different every time I go!

Julie Paul.jpg

Julie Paul

The Career Compass is one of the most helpful organizations a realtor could join. Lots of really great information, ongoing training and market updates, all presented in a funny and entertaining way. I am looking forward to the next event.


MaryJane Hadley

They are extremely professional and very knowledgeable. They are more up to date on what is happening in the Real Estate Industry than a lot of the Real Estate Continuing ed classes/programs. The membership fee is more than reasonable and you get back in knowledge, a hundred times more than what you paid for your lifetime membership! I am so grateful for their continued commitment to the Real Estate Industry!


Jennifer Berman

The Career Compass is amazing and I have used for several years as a retention and recruiting tool. My agents love the program and can’t believe they get DRE credit.
I have had 20yr veteran’s in my office say this was the best seminar they had ever attended.

I plan on being at the next seminar, and this is an absolute no brainer for price and content. I hope you take advantage of this program, and I highly recommend letting recruits know this is yet another amazing service First Team has brought to Orange County that other brokers do not have a relationship with.


Debra Kessler

Barry and I attended your program back in 2010, when he was very new, and I was freshly renewed. You all came to our Troop office in Simi Valley and quite a few of us signed up. We went to Vegas a few weeks later and took your course for fun. We did not test, we attended for the marketing ideas you offered.
Now, we have attended again in December 2013. What fun we had. We enjoyed the variety of speakers who presented the material. We enjoyed the antics of Wellington. We enjoyed the child-like games you threw at us. But better, what fabulous tools you gave to us.
Thank you for your excellent program. Your employees were all top-notch.


Jeffery Eisenberg

I've been a Career Compass member for over 8 years, they are the best. I've learned many new and exciting marketing strategies as well as gained insight and knowledge through their Training. I've had in-house training at my office for my agents which they loved. Beef Wellington is the best trainer and not only does he make it fun, but very helpful with tips and tricks to succeed in today's marketplace. Love the Career Compass!


Anna DeFrance

The seminar was worth the entertainment alone, I laughed so much and that made it worth it."Beef" says the things that most of us think and are afraid to say ha! ha! loved it. The education was a huge bonus , I went all three days, met a few very nice people and I did purchase the CD's, I feel like I am on my 4th day now, I am listening to the CD's now. Thank you again! I needed to not be afraid and face the true facts of what is happening out there in our industry.


Nancy Risen

I went to one of their classes about 10-12 years ago and have attended their 3 day events many times over. I try to go one a year just to keep up with new things happening in the industry. They bring you up to speed with everything.

Ken Mitchell.jpg

Kenny Mitchell

Best value of any real estate training I have ever received. Great organization with great information and great heart. I have referred so many agents that absolutely loved it! I have personally gone three times and counting and I have only been an agent for less than 10 years!


Glenda Simpson

Great Company, Many excellent training tools, and presentation. Never dull. The education is great.

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