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Zillow is CONTACTING your customers...What Realtors MUST Know

Zillow is once again changing the Real Estate Marketplace and only The Career Compass is bringing you the information you MUST have to SURVIVE the game that is out to destroy Real Estate Agents!

In just a few weeks, Zillow has AGGRESSIVELY changed the Real Estate world...are you up-to-date on these changes that will impact you AND your customers?

  • Zillow is now competing against YOU!

  • Zillow is contacting sellers directly!

  • Zillow is now a brokerage!

  • Zillow is buying ShowingTims for $500m!

  • How to protect your Database

  • How to show TRUE Realtor value

  • How to BEAT Zillow's iBuyer service

  • What Zillow's IDX feed means to you

  • How Zillow can steal your future listings

  • How to educate your database about the costs & hidden fees of Zillow and other iBuyers

Zillow/CRMLS Presentation
Download PDF • 30.73MB

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Randy Elliott
Randy Elliott
25 mar 2021

Hey Beef. It's Randy from Lodi, CA. Just watched the Zoom re: Zillow and enjoyed the info. Hope you can bring the multi-day class in person to Woodbridge, CA again in the future.

Me gusta
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