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The 7% EXTREME Technique

The 7% EXTREME Technique


Take the 7% Technique to the EXTREME! Learn how to get up to $100,000 OVER listing price, get buyers agents breaking down your door with offers and put more money in your seller's pockets...and in YOUR pocket!


Included in the package:


VIDEO: One of our top trainers walking you through the 7% EXTREME Technique, building on what you have already learned and taking your business to the next level.


AUDIO: download the audio version for portable training. Listen in the car, on your next walk, while getting ready for an appointment, and reinforce the the technique for perfect mastery.


DOCUMENTS: A powepoint presentation (via PDF) and an easy to use excel spreedsheet so you can personalize your customer's selling price and walk them through how going EXTREME is the only way to list their house. 

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