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Thank You!


Payment of $295.00 has been made for your copy of THE CAREER COMPASS GREATEST HITS. 


Included with your purchase you will be receiving the following:

  • Audio Discs numbered 1-10

  • Data Disc (for use in a computer disc drive, contains data files)

  • Body Language DVD to be played in a DVD player

  • USB Flash Drive (looks like a credit card)

  • C.M.P.S.S. Designation Certificate and frame

  • LIFETIME updates


So that we can give our Greatest Hits Members more content, more networking capabilities, easier access to Greatest Hits files, easier access to Updates and more, you also have an online forum to do all of this and as our community gets bigger we hope to roll out more features down the road.

To keep the content secure, you will need to SIGN UP for access to the website. Once your Greatest Hits Membership has been approved (please give us 1-2 business days at first..there are many of you) you will receive a Welcome Email with a quick tutorial of the community pages and how to view files, update your profile and see the other members of our Career Compass Greatest Hits Family!!



Enter your email address (make sure it is correct!) and choose a password you will remember...we always recommend your last name but you are free to choose whatever you will remember. 

In 1-2 days you will receive your Welcome email and you will be all set to explore the online community.

As with all online communities, we ask that you be respectful when making posts and comments and anyone that we feel has acted unprofessionally will be removed from the site. 


Thank you for purchasing THE GREATEST HITS and HAPPY SELLING! 

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