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What Our Customers Say?

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for today’s seminar and the opportunity for the life time success training and life time license renewal.

Today’s seminar was fun and the atmosphere was great while Wellington Pendall captivated every one’s attention. I learned a number of new marketing tips while having a good time. It was also nice being able to relate to Wellington’s assistant Jodi Bettarel who was very motivating and uplifting as she answered many questions afterward.

My goal is to be in the top 10% making over $500,000 a year!

I have signed up and do look forward to the best success training throughout the year.

- Debbie Lynn Kosum Relocation Director/Realtor , Canear Real Estate

“CAREER COMPASS training is top-notch and Wellington is the crème-de-la-crème of trainers. He’s a very knowledgeable, effective and entertaining communicator. Wellington has a standing invitation to do training at our association any time he can fit us into his very busy schedule.”

- R. Alan Smith ,Chief Executive Officer , East San Diego County Association of REALTORS®

It was great to meet you both in San Diego. I had a great time and you all
made it worth it. I had the best time and enjoyed every minute of the
seminar. I did not get a card from Jody so if you have her email that would
be great. You both are fun and keep life real. Thanks Again.

- James A. Tuttle , jtuttle@loislauer.com

I have heard nothing but positive comments from this past weekend. Thank you. I am sorry I could not attend, in fact I am on day 5 of being sick, but need to get into the office tomorrow… your thoughts.

- Terri Dillon , TDillon@RealtyExecutivesDillon.com

I want to congratulate all of you, esp. BEEF, for an inspiring, motivating, git’er moving seminar. It’s wonderful not having the stress of my future renewal hanging over my head.

What is even more awesome is that God had me practicing while I was riding home on the trolley. I started chatting with a middle-aged guy with a toddler in tow. Before we got out of the metro area, I had brought up his housing situation and he opened up the subject of investing in a rental house. By the time, he got off at La Mesa’s trolley center, I had his name, address, phone #, savings amount, estimated equity in his house, employer’s name, profession, and directed him to contact his CU. He has my card and I am calling him Wed. to make an appointment to show him some investment properties and a spreadsheet on making money with a rental property.

I will keep you posted!

Thanks for everything!

- Sherry Casper

I attended your seminar in Westlake Village. It was wonderful and gave me so much information so that I can grow my business.

- Debbie Lewis

Hi there! I recently attended your seminar in Westlake Village and absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed it! They talked about establishing a reciprocal referral relationship with attorneys and wondered if you had a copy of the letter that discusses this. I would truly appreciate a copy to modify since this is something I’ve been wanted to establish but did not know how.

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

- Bernice M. Mellen Cashman , Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

I just went through your program at the Westlake Village location and I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU!! 🙂 You guys were all great and I appreciate this program so much. I learned some great ideas and also got that renewal testing done!!!

- Donna McConathy

Hallelujah!! For The Career Compass!!!

You saved me

God Bless.

- Tina Villegas

I actually fell in love with the speaker he was so great!!!!! A white guy! He was incredibly funny and entertaining. He was absolutely awesome.
I loved the discount ideas in the back of our business cards from local businesses. The “corporate ideas” meaning, hosting luncheons speaking on a particular subject to educate and earn business. Of course the internet, blogging, etc.
And the involvement with our communities.

- Erica Ruiz,Mortgage Banker , erica@elitehomeloans.com