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What Our Customers Say?

It is hard enough to offer valuable training content to both brand new and experienced realtors.
It is 100 times harder to present it in a fun and engaging way.
It is amazing to be able to combine both and deliver it with consistent passion.

Thanks for such an inspiring and wonderful experience for the past 2 days.

Don’t worry, my friend and I will not be after the dinner you promised us. 🙂

- Yan Liang,Realtor , www.liangrealty.com

I wanted to drop you a quick note while everything was still fresh in my mind. And since I’m not officially licensed yet, there was no sense in taking the test if I’ll be back once I actually have a DRE#. But Kim and I had gotten so caught up in the long drive home that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

I’d like to start by saying thank you, so much, for all the effort that you put into each class that you teach. I couldn’t dare take for granted the level of skill that these principles can offer ANY Realtor, from any walk of life. And I’m still pinching myself at how I’d won the Greatest Hits Discs!! It’s as if I were given ownership and a map to a true goldmine of my own. I’m sure you continue to receive countless emails of appreciation, but no one could be more honored to have met you and the rest of The Career Compass team. Looking to forward to many years of success thanks to all of you. Looking forward to touching base at my next seminar.

- Paul Porter .916-893-8505

I wanted to touch base with you and your staff from our recent event in Anaheim and say Thank you!!!

I have a ton of material and notes I am still reviewing but I did pick my first couple of items on the list and have begun implementing them.
Below I attached my business card with the career compass logo as discussed at the event. I am a mentor in my office and have begun spreading the word about this FANTASTIC company and group of trainers. I look forward to hearing from you soon to set up an office visit.

- Vance Mizzi , www.TheMizziGroup.com

As a Realtor of many years and many trainings and many seminar, I have been to almost every training in the industry. Some of them good, some of them not. Most of them expensive, some are not. NO OTHER SEMINAR has wheat COMPASS has. The combination of tools, techniques, training and marketing is overwhelming. I have gotten more out of Compass than I have gotten out of just about all the other trainings combined. And the price for your training is a fraction of the others. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? You are providing the best…at the best price.



Oh, how nice of you to take the time to email me!!! Thank you and again, I have been speaking of your organization to everyone very highly as I can see how you are there to help us with great thinking out of the box ideas and it’s up to us to work them. My girlfriend and I both attended the event and we both are having great luck with the attorney letters. She is about to send another 100 out tomorrow and so am I. Being a realtor doesn’t mean you have to work so hard…it’s all about positioning ourselves the right way and we can’t thank you enough for giving us great ideas on how to be different.

I would love it if there was a mastermind group for people, who are running with Career Compass ideas….even if it’s just a Facebook group. If you know of a Mastermind group such as, would you please let me know, as my friend and I would love to be included for maximum effect.

Thank you so much and again, I appreciate all the time you and your staff puts into putting a great curriculum together and yes, please use my testimonial anywhere you like. I want others to know that this works, if they spend a little effort to making it work. 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

- Eva Dobilas , evasellsyourhome@gmail.com

Karen here- The Career Compass Seminar was fabulous thank you for helping me get through and making me feel so important by taking the time to talk to me. I have decided to do the attorney letter, the lunch bunch, I plan on going to the Riverside court steps to see up close the process and see if I can sag a few investors to work with…another plan is to change my business card. I am so motivated and excited…so glad I went…
Thanks again for everything,

- Karen , knelson@homesmartca.com

I had the pleasure of attending the Career Compass Training Seminar in San Diego, CA this past May. Although I am from El Paso, TX I learned valuable prospecting techniques at that seminar I am implementing here. If you are receiving this email that means I had the pleasure of trading business cards with you during one of the breaks.

In addition to real estate sales I also manage rental property. A lot of those rentals are owned by California investors that sometimes ask me if I know anyone in their hometown I could recommend. Before Career Compass I didn’t know anyone. That is not the case anymore. Next time one of these investors asks me I will email my Career Compass Alumni and work a referral with the first qualified agent or broker that responds.

Please keep me top of mind for anyone you know in need of real estate services in El Paso, Texas. My specialties are residential sales and investment property. I am a full time professional and get the job done!

Visit and “LIKE” my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/adrian.briones.185 to learn more about me. If you have a Facebook business page let me know about it and I will “LIKE” it in return.

- Adrian Briones , http://adrianbriones.com

You are an amazing speaker….your boundless energy is very inspiring! You are truly gifted and you are so suitable for this job! Very few people can find such a perfect match between their capabilities and the job they do.

Thanks again!!!

- Anu Kumar ,EmbroidMe 858-452-5021 ,

Yes it was extremely interesting, I had a wonderful time. You are fantastic! 🙂

- Angie Sandoval ,Prudential Ca Realty Relocation Realtor

I hope you and your family are fine. Busy times. Is all well with CC?

Wow, evacuated in Anaheim! After Boston I am sure that got some attention.
In the email below are some activities of a mom and daughter team who were with me in SFO. This is CC stuff they are doing.
Another agent has printed the discount cards and is giving sellers a $500 to $1000 gift cert at nursery’s and hardware stores to spiff their homes up if they list with him.
Another agent sent letters to Attorney’s and that is working.
I need to check with other attendees to get their activities, just have not taken the time. That is my fault.
Other things are going on as well so all the CC “stuff” is working. I just thought I’d send this validation to you.
I am trying to try to get to SD next month. I am slammed so I am not sure we can make it.
We have 6 agents going to Napa I believe. I would go to Napa but have to be salmon fishing in BC, bummer I know.

It is all good.

Thank you for all the training. I will try to schedule a repeat visit with CC as I know we all need to her it over and over.

- Brad