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Why you need to CANCEL your NAR Membership!

May 18, 2021: Do you feel that NAR is working FOR you or AGAINST you? What is NAR doing to protect Realtors from online platforms, special interest groups, and frivolous lawsuits? The answers will disappoint and dismay you!

Join us as we discuss NAR, Zillow, and the MLS's recent changes and more:

  • NAR can now REVOKE your license!

  • NAR can control your First Amendment!

  • Zillow is competing against you, DIRECTLY

  • Zillow is marketing to YOUR listings!

  • Zillow is now a brokerage!

  • How to show TRUE Realtor value

  • Tools to decimate iBuyer's value

  • How to BEAT Zillow’s iBuyer service

  • What Zillow’s IDX feed means to you

  • How Zillow can steal future listings

  • How to educate your database about the costs and hidden fees of Zillow & other iBuyers

How Should I list?
Download XLSX • 52KB

Zillow/CRMLS Presentation
Download PDF • 30.73MB

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