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What is C4?

Just the most revolutionary tool in Real Estate!

Career Compass Concierge Connection or “C4,” is now your CONNECTION to amazing training, unheard of benefits, networking and live success sessions with real estates most successful agents, managers and brokers! This is not your typical unproductive coaching costing you thousands of dollars each year..


“These people are where other experts go to learn!”

C4 will bring you monthly LIVE Zoom training sessions with “THE MASTERS.” Think you have a great coach? Wait until you experience live training with our Masters. These exclusively selected people have a combined total of over 200 years of real estate success experience. C4 Masters will teach you tools, techniques, systems and process for real estate success that most coaches have never even HEARD OF! You would not be able to have access to a group of trainers of this level anywhere in real estate, other than at C4!


“ Literally a “Who’s Who” list of real estate greats!”

C4 brings you monthly training sessions with “THE LEGENDS.” Who are the Legends? The greatest real estate agents, managers, brokers and owners in the history of California Real Estate. People like Marguerite Crespillo, Tom Daves, Carol Haacker, John Ratzlaff, Tom Morehouse, Frank Crandall and others.


“Never has such a comprehensive program been offered at such a reasonable price. This is going to CHANGE the playing field for everyone!”

C4 will be adding new benefits to your membership on an ongoing basis but currently these ten (10) make up our amazing suite of career-changing benefits:

  1. Monthly LIVE training sessions with “THE MASTERS”

  2. Monthly LIVE training sessions with “THE LEGENDS”

  3. Yearly “Business Tune Up” 1-On-1 sessions with a Master to fine tune for the upcoming year.

  4. MOD! Masters On Demand via text or call during designated times.

  5. The complete C4 Video Library of all C4 recorded training sessions.

  6. ACTUAL REFERRALS to your business! Not just leads, but actual deals sent to you!

  7. Reserve Seating at all Career Compass Success Seminars.

  8. Exclusive receptions before all Career Compass Seminars with the Masters & Legends!

  9. Your business profile on the Career Compass & C4 websites!

  10. Others things like your NAR and CAR Ethics requirement via our affiliates!

  11. And SO MUCH more added each month!

So get ready to be amazed at what we will bring to your real estate career, all for a price that is no more than the cost of an average lunch, ONLY $19 once a month! WELCOME to C4 and prepare to take your business not to just the next level but many levels above!

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