Real Estate Agent Training Seminars Hosted By THE CAREER COMPASS


One of the most popular things about the Career Compass  is the  locations  of our award winning real estate agent training seminars in California. It isn’t only the best real estate training seminar you’ll ever attend over and over again…For life, but it is also the locations that attendees love about our seminars.


Numerous Training Seminar Locations and Dates To Choose From


We do 10+ seminars per year and they are all held at exciting locations that make our seminars more of a vacation, than a traditional real estate training seminar. We hold our amazing real estate agent training seminars in California at some of the most exciting locations in the area.


The Career Compass Real Estate Training Seminar Locations:


Possible new  locations of  The Career Compass Training Seminars:

  • Monterey, Ca.
  • Santa Barbara
  • Malibu
  • Have an idea…we love suggestions!


That’s right, The Career Compass holds real estate agent training seminars at all of these locations, each year! We even have multiple dates for our seminars in some of these locations. This means finding a Career Compass  seminar near you or at a location where you want to be is easy!


The Career Compass Offers More Than Just Real Estate Agent Training Seminars


So The Career Compass provides not just the best real estate training, but it is the best of the best when it comes to locations! Get the best success training in real estate and do it at a tax-deductible* vacation location where the party never ends!


THE CAREER COMPASS Real Estate Training Seminars Are Not Just For Real Estate Agents


Our entertaining and educational training seminars are attended by real estate agents, real estate brokers, office staff and more! We provide training that is valuable for any professional in the real estate industry. If you work in real estate, you can benefit from our seminars, so please join us and bring your partners, co-workers and assistants!


*Locations vary by year and seminars can be changed and altered without notice.