Don’t Miss Our Pasadena Real Estate Seminar

If there is one seminar where the business is tough and the Realtors are tougher, it is our Los Angeles seminar. This seminar is all business mixed with tons of fun…it truly is the perfect seminar for those who like to play hard and work even harder. Los Angeles is the biggest metropolitan area on the west coast and our Pasadena seminar is popular just because of its proximity to this large metro area.

Realtor Seminar In Pasadena

This seminar serves as a business trip and mini-vacation location for many Southern California realtors. Some real estate agents and real estate professionals choose to attend this huge gathering for the training while other others come from other areas across the state of California primarily to enjoy all of the fun of an event in LA and Pasadena but all of our Pasadena seminar attendees enjoy the diverse networking opportunity. The LA (or Pasadena) seminar certainly offers the greatest diversity of real estate agents from different areas of the beautiful state of California. The only seminar that rivals this diversity, would be our very popular Anaheim Convention Center seminar.

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If you are looking for fast-paced, fun, networking, real estate agent training seminar and an overall great time, the Pasadena/Los Angeles seminar is a perfect choice.
The Pasadena Convention Center is centrally located to almost everything. Just off of Green Street in Pasadena and across the street from the fantastic Paseo De Colorado, the Pasadena Convention Center is an excellent location for training, dining, networking and all-around great seminar experience.
The LA area has so many fantastic things to do and see, it is impossible to describe them all here. From World-class beaches to nightlife, entertainment, sports such as the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers and more…and some of the best restaurants in the entire country, LA has something for almost any visitor and any native…there is truly something for everyone in this huge and diverse city.
Even if you have been to COMPASS before, come to LA and experience a whole new level of excitement and networking! Make sure you RSVP for this and any COMPASS Success Seminar early so you don’t miss out!