Sherry Casper

I want to congratulate all of you, esp. BEEF, for an inspiring, motivating, git’er moving seminar. It’s wonderful not having the stress of my future renewal hanging over my head.

What is even more awesome is that God had me practicing while I was riding home on the trolley. I started chatting with a middle-aged guy with a toddler in tow. Before we got out of the metro area, I had brought up his housing situation and he opened up the subject of investing in a rental house. By the time, he got off at La Mesa’s trolley center, I had his name, address, phone #, savings amount, estimated equity in his house, employer’s name, profession, and directed him to contact his CU. He has my card and I am calling him Wed. to make an appointment to show him some investment properties and a spreadsheet on making money with a rental property.

I will keep you posted!

Thanks for everything!