Paul Porter .916-893-8505

I wanted to drop you a quick note while everything was still fresh in my mind. And since I’m not officially licensed yet, there was no sense in taking the test if I’ll be back once I actually have a DRE#. But Kim and I had gotten so caught up in the long drive home that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

I’d like to start by saying thank you, so much, for all the effort that you put into each class that you teach. I couldn’t dare take for granted the level of skill that these principles can offer ANY Realtor, from any walk of life. And I’m still pinching myself at how I’d won the Greatest Hits Discs!! It’s as if I were given ownership and a map to a true goldmine of my own. I’m sure you continue to receive countless emails of appreciation, but no one could be more honored to have met you and the rest of The Career Compass team. Looking to forward to many years of success thanks to all of you. Looking forward to touching base at my next seminar.