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What Our Customers Say?

I highly recommend the Career Compass. I would not use any other company to renew my license. The classes were scheduled throughout the year in convenient locations. I learn better in a classroom environment than online. Career Compass not only provides the needed education (after all you do have to pass your tests) but they make it fun and also they provide some cutting edge ideas for helping you build your business.
The best part is once you pay for their classes to renew…you can go back for free when you need to renew again and or you can attend any of the weekends if you want to catch some of their great marketing ideas for increasing your business. So, if you need to renew you license…look no further and point yourself in the direction of CAREER COMPASS. You’ll be glad you did.

- Kathleen Monroe, Realtor , Evergreen Realty

Wow!! Another excellent success training experience! I always recommend career compass to all of my professional colleagues ! I am a returning member and so proud of my CMPS Certification!! You are so considerate of our time and pack everything you can into the weekend sessions. I will display my Career Compass crystal proudly and look forward to enjoying your Greatest Hits!

- Ann Mills, Realtor , ERA Property Movers

“CAREER COMPASS training is top-notch and Wellington is the crème-de-la-crème of trainers. He’s a very knowledgeable, effective and entertaining communicator. Wellington has a standing invitation to do training at our association any time he can fit us into his very busy schedule.”

- R. Alan Smith, Esq. , www.esdcar.org

“I send all my agents to Career Compass. It turns a DRE License Renewal requirement that can be boring and just another every 4 year thing to do, to something to look forward to as it brings other elements into the training and education. Our team actually enjoys and learns from their classes.”

- ROBERT SCHANTZ , Keller Williams Realty

At first, I was hesitating to attend, I couldn’t see myself seating all day long, listening to a key note speaker and taking a test at the end…The minute I stepped in, I felt the energy in the room, I truly enjoyed every minute of the seminar. I highly recommend it. I have not laughed and enjoyed an educational seminar in my past 23 years in Real Estate…The speaker was awesome, the staff were friendly and helpful…I only have positive feedback. I was so relieved at the end in was amazing. Thank You!

- Hilda Sarkisyan-,Realtor 01066472 DRE# , Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Career Compass is the best seminar/training I have attended. Learning new out of the box way of creating leads. Getting your continuing studies is just a plus from this events.

- Alexis Castaneda , Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

I attended the Career Compass seminar in Pasadena CA and what an great experience.
The first two days flew by so quickly, we were educated, entertained and tested at the same time with no pressured sales tactics.
I have learned more with Career Compass then the other seminar that I have attended in the past.
It was a wonderful experience in renewing my Brokers license.

- Bill Vlahov , INTERO

What has Career Compass done for Me? Everything! I can’t express it all, but here are a few things.

It has given me confidence. It has given me the ability to understand the Clients & Customers that I have to deal with. You have to attend Career Compass to visualize how the “North” “South” “East” and “West” personalities work. Maybe you already know about these types of personalties, but the way it is explained truly opens your eyes to many possibilities.

I was given many doors to open. It is up to me to go through the doors and see what works for me.

Career Compass can’t do the work for you, but Career Compass gave me so many possible roads to travel to see which road is best for me. As Wellington talks and talks and talks….you learn, learn and learn. So much information is thrown at you…valuable information…and your head will be bursting with so many ideas that you can’t remember them all.

Of Course, the fact that you only pay once and you get to go back “free” any time that you want is just phenomenal.
That in itself is “insane”. Free education. Nice.

Now, today, the market is very slow, but I am sitting here writing letters to attorneys. Yes, the market may be slow, but I am alway doing something that I learned from Career Compass so that my future days will productive days.
Thank you, Career Compass.

- Margaret Ellis , RE/MAX INNOVATIONS

“The Career Compass has been great. I have learn so much about what a good investment is, renting versus owning, positive cash flow… Beef has humor that makes the time go by so quickly, it has been nice learning all about this stuff. I would very much recommend Career Compass”.

- Shelly Gogol

My Career Compass experience has been fabulous!