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What Our Customers Say?

You were asking at the last meeting if anyone has been doing anything new. Well my mom and I have been working on a lot. So I thought I’d share with you:
1. Business cards with business discount on back. I’m just waiting for the Pizza Factory Logo and I’ll be ordering new cards. Some other businesses might do it as well.
2. My mom and I came up with a “Welcome Basket” that we will put together for each client we sell a house to. I wrote up and sent out letters to 30 local businesses to see if they wanted to donate a product, service, discount or other thing to put in our welcome baskets. I already have gotten a lot of responses (All wanting to participate). So the next closing we have we will have our 1st “Welcome Basket” from us and the local businesses welcoming the client to this area.
3. For two months now we have been mailing out letters for free market analysis. The letters include info on:The market, if your home is underwater and Prop 8 tax reduction.
4. We also are about to send letters specifically to home owners who have B of A, Wells Fargo and Chase loans. Informing them all about the Co-Op short sale possibilities we do.
5. I just created a Flyer(see attached) I will post around town about the Co-Op Short Sales.
6. Created the Fb Janet and Amanda Century 21 Ditton Realtors page. It’s not completed yet, but it will have all of our listings and useful real estate information.
So we are definitely busy over here in North Fork! Not to mention we have had several calls to list homes this past week so we should be getting more much needed inventory!

- Amanda Quigley

We had a training session recently and the agents loved the session – food, DRE credit and a great motivational speaker. Wellington was our trainer and he was great.

- Linda Halbert – Manager

Thank you for the great class today. Your energy level, passion and expertise made the class easy to follow and very interesting.
I am eager to apply some of the techniques (definitely going to connect with lawyers/CPAs/etc…).

I look forward to attending another class with you in the future and I will see you at a seminar soon (Napa most likely).

Have a great evening,

- Julien Levadoux , http://www.stevequanstromgroup.com

Its Kristine, Carol Haacker’s Daughter, I am just wanting to send to you this email to tell you that I really enjoyed your teaching this past weekend. I have been trying to run a great business and obviously have been failing. You were so very inspiring and motivating.

- Kristine Holliday , Evergreen Realty & Associates

It was great to have you by today. You are a tornado of energy and invigorated the office with your enthusiasm. I know we have a great supportive group and I hope you got some new clients when you were here. I would like to compliment you on your presentation skills. You are very good at what you do.

- Tasha Manzano,Branch Manager , www.WhyCB.com

Let me start by saying how amazing the seminar at the Hilton Universal City was. I learnt so much positive information and am forging ahead with implementing strategies to further my new business in real estate. Thank you so much for all the great sessions!

I am really looking forward to re-attending next year.

- June Malikian, Realtor (BA Hons) , JuneMalikianRealtor@gmail.com

It’s Jorge Merlos (Soldier), recently returned from deployment. It was a pleasure meeting you at The Career Compass Seminar (12/5/12 – 12/7/12). Let’s ensure we stay in touch. Happy Holidays and have an excellent 2013!
In addition, I’m greatful I attended the seminar. It allowed me the opportunity to recieve excellent training/ideas as well as to meet great people in the industry. Now, it’s time to implement the training/ideas, and make things happen. Thanks again for the excellent 2.5 days of training and good time.

- Jorge Merlos, GRI Broker , JAAS Realty Inc

OMG thanks so much you actually turned me into a public speaker… who would have thought I would not faint
thanks so very much for all the great knowledge… I know the “newby” that I actually came so that she could get
this great information appreciated this class very much.
You are the best beef in the world…

- Kathy Terry, 661-609-9800

I wanted to follow up and express my gratitude for your hospitality during my stay in Temecula. I wanted to thank you for an outstanding program. I found the material to be rich and valuable and I must say you are probably the funniest person I have ever been around. Your presentation style is refreshing and enjoyable. I look forward to the next one!

- Randy Martin , Prudential California Realty

Is it going to be Beef Wellington in April 2013? If it is I am going. He and all the staff were excellent at the last one in Anaheim (Hyatt). I have recommended this program to all my colleagues.

- Randy De Zilwa – Realtor , First Team SnS Real Estate