Kimberly Olbrich

This was my first full weekend with Career Compass. I am thoroughly pleased with my experience and the wealth of information and support from Career Compass. It is a travesty that more agents do not see the value and come to this. I remember an agent in my office saying how he renews his license on line (yadda yadda yadda) but he is missing so much more! The beginning of the year was a sluggish start for me spiritually/emotionally after losing my beloved mother right before Christmas. I am better now, but still need to really RUN MY BUSINESS and have LEADS CHASE ME!!! Before the weekend started, I prayed for just “one thing” to add to my game plan of operating my business. I got more than one for sure!!! I am glad I made it and will look forward to networking with more agents and seeing what other nuggets there are for me to help keep me inspired and focused and well rounded.
You all worked so hard and it is truly amazing to see Wellington keep the interest as he does by his knowledge and his comedic tireless timing. He is worth his weight in gold.
Sheldon, Yasmeen, Jodi, Lisa, Leonard (loved his information and confidence and way of making it easy to understand) You and others that I am overlooking are an amazing team.
Blessings to you always!!!