Kimberlee Foley

1. “10” The content was very valuable information for new, as well as seasoned agents. The thing that brought it all together was the “Block Wall”I especially enjoyed when this part of the content because it caused me to look inside and “know” exactly what my apprehensions where whether internal or external factors.

2. “10” I live in Los Angeles where everywhere in LA takes 20 minutes–in good traffic; HOWEVER, I thought the Anaheim location was perfect because in good traffic, it only took me an hour. I asked a conference attendee who drove from the Inland Empire how long it took her, and she said an hour. People In NoCal or San Diego knew to spend the night.

3. “10++++”! I totally suck at on-line study/learning, so this class room setting at the conference really helped me take in and digest the information provided in a fun relaxed way. The renewal process at this conference took the stress out of the traditional renewal process.

4. “10” Each speaker was so great! Long live “The Queen,” Lynn was professional and lighthearted. When I witnessed how Lynn handled a complaint about the lines being too long, she handled it with grace and ease. I honestly don’t remember Don much, that just meant I didn’t see enough of him. Leonard Baron, through no fault of his own, caught myself nodding-off once or twice, but that was because I did not have breakfast, so my energy was very low. Leonard was a wealth of knowledge, and I have yet to glean from his website. Beef Wellington…what can I say, he was just so darn funny ALL OF THE TIME–how does he do that? If I hear the same jokes over and over, I’d still enjoy his presentation–so much information in a fun way.

5. “10” Value was extremely reasonable. I would have liked the head’s up about the conference DVDs before I attended, so I could have prepared to pay cash–I hate using my credit/debit card unless for booking travel.

6. “10” It’s rare that I feel so close to people in such a short amount of time, but I truly missed everyone after a day or two. The over all experience was great…networking, learning, license renewal all while having fun! AND we get to attend any seminar anywhere? Can’t beat that at all. The only way to make the conference better is that lunch (pizza) would have been monitored, so that there would be enough for those that needed more time to finish the test could have had something to eat. BUT even that was not such a big deal.

You may use any of my comments for your marketing or promotional, except my comment about the lunch. 🙂