Carol Haacker ,Manager / Broker Associate ,

I can’t tell you how wonderful and uplifting your class was this past weekend. You are so amazing. I have been in this wonderful business of Real Estate since 1970. I have probably been to over 500 trainings classes for one thing or another with the best of the best over the past years. I HAVE NEVER HAD A MORE REWARDING SESSION then your classes Wellington.

Your humor and energy is the best I have ever seen. Not even Tony Robbins can hold a candle to you. Your spirit of life is the highest I have ever seen.

Everyone in So. Orange County knows me and I want to assure you that they will all know about your fantastic training and knowledge that you have. Your staff is amazing and have total respect for you as well.

I can’t express how much I enjoyed you this past weekend and I so appreciate everything you do to make this business and its agents more productive and successful.