I hope you and your family are fine. Busy times. Is all well with CC?

Wow, evacuated in Anaheim! After Boston I am sure that got some attention.
In the email below are some activities of a mom and daughter team who were with me in SFO. This is CC stuff they are doing.
Another agent has printed the discount cards and is giving sellers a $500 to $1000 gift cert at nursery’s and hardware stores to spiff their homes up if they list with him.
Another agent sent letters to Attorney’s and that is working.
I need to check with other attendees to get their activities, just have not taken the time. That is my fault.
Other things are going on as well so all the CC “stuff” is working. I just thought I’d send this validation to you.
I am trying to try to get to SD next month. I am slammed so I am not sure we can make it.
We have 6 agents going to Napa I believe. I would go to Napa but have to be salmon fishing in BC, bummer I know.

It is all good.

Thank you for all the training. I will try to schedule a repeat visit with CC as I know we all need to her it over and over.