Amanda Quigley

You were asking at the last meeting if anyone has been doing anything new. Well my mom and I have been working on a lot. So I thought I’d share with you:
1. Business cards with business discount on back. I’m just waiting for the Pizza Factory Logo and I’ll be ordering new cards. Some other businesses might do it as well.
2. My mom and I came up with a “Welcome Basket” that we will put together for each client we sell a house to. I wrote up and sent out letters to 30 local businesses to see if they wanted to donate a product, service, discount or other thing to put in our welcome baskets. I already have gotten a lot of responses (All wanting to participate). So the next closing we have we will have our 1st “Welcome Basket” from us and the local businesses welcoming the client to this area.
3. For two months now we have been mailing out letters for free market analysis. The letters include info on:The market, if your home is underwater and Prop 8 tax reduction.
4. We also are about to send letters specifically to home owners who have B of A, Wells Fargo and Chase loans. Informing them all about the Co-Op short sale possibilities we do.
5. I just created a Flyer(see attached) I will post around town about the Co-Op Short Sales.
6. Created the Fb Janet and Amanda Century 21 Ditton Realtors page. It’s not completed yet, but it will have all of our listings and useful real estate information.
So we are definitely busy over here in North Fork! Not to mention we have had several calls to list homes this past week so we should be getting more much needed inventory!