Download our Info Pak to get all the information you will need in regards to your COMPASS membership. The 4-6 page informational package highlights and explains everything in detail so you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Simply download THE INFO PAK using the link below and learn everything you need to know about  the amazing experience that is THE CAREER COMPASS. Finally California real estate license renewal continuing education is fun, easy and affordable!


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THE INFO PAK contains several sections and describes the main parts and many benefits of a membership with THE CAREER COMPASS:


The Best Real Estate Marketing Training

THE CAREER COMPASS OFFERS the very best Real Estate License Renewal and Marketing training seminars in California. Gone are the days of mindless cold calling and door knocking done incorrectly. COMPASS teaches you how to use proven strategies and new cutting-edge techniques to get ten times more qualified leads than your competition. This is NOT your “same old, same old.” You will be amazed at some of the tools and techniques you will learn and you will wonder why no other company in the industry is teaching this stuff. Literally whether you have been in real estate 30 seconds or 30 years, you will learn things you have never heard of before and no other training company will ever teach you.

Full CA Real Estate License Renewal

Not only do you get the incredible training, but at COMPASS you will get a combination of the above, amazing new techniques to drive your business forward, and you will also get…FULL CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE LICENSE RENEWAL!! Yes, at the COMPASS seminar you will have the opportunity to test for all the credit hours you need to renew your CA real estate license. You will leave with everything you need to renew your license for the next four year period.

LIFETIME Real Estate License Renewal Continuing Education…FREE

What??? YES, you heard that right. Your ONE TIME purchase of a COMPASS membership allows you to come to ANY of our COMPASS Success Seminars and get the great training and renew your license…FOR FREE…FOR LIFE. You NEVER pay for great training or Realtor license renewal seminars again. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE INDUSTRY LIKE COMPASS!!!

5-Star Vacation Locations

We don’t hold the COMPASS Success Seminar at the local board or some stale, boring classroom. All of our locations are fun and exciting, check out some of the locations of our real estate training seminars and you will see 5-Star vacation locations for most of our seminars. Come and have a mini vacation while you get great training, Realtor license renewal and networking with 300+ other real estate professionals all at amazing places that you want to visit.

Networking, Referrals & Fun

You can’t meet other real estate professionals sitting behind your computer as you trudge through boring online classes that make you sit there for days on end. That is the last way you would want to renew your real estate license. When you have a COMPASS membership, you will meet 300 or more other real estate professionals who can refer you and your business when they have clients going to your area. This alone is worth the price of the COMPASS membership and it is just a bonus. Statistics say that one in every six (6) deals you will do in your real estate career will be a referral from another real estate agent. Increase this part of your business and your income by bringing a big stack of your business cards so you can meet, get to know and do business with other agents in California.

Cheaper Than Traditional Real Estate License Renewal

How much is all of this. Most agents would say that this program, when you include the training, license renewal, LIFETIME re-attendance and LIFETIME license renewal at 5-Star locations must be 1500, 2000 even 3000 dollars. NOPE. You won’t believe it but a COMPASS membership is by far the BEST VALUE IN REAL ESTATE EVER…at only $195, it is the best deal in the history of real estate! Yes, only $195 ONE TIME for life. And to make it even better, if that was possible, you can add your spouse, relative or qualified assistant for only $99. There is no better deal anywhere than COMPASS!


IMPORTANT LEGAL AND REGULATORY DISCLAIMER. The courses provided by and at THE CAREER COMPASS may or may not be original courses developed and authored by THE CAREER COMPASS. Some of the courses that are offered in terms of the license renewal course credits may be provided to you through COMPASS by other companies, affiliates, partners and subsidiaries of THE CAREER COMPASS. With courses that are not legally and regulatory categorized as “live” seminar attendance is not always and not necessarily mandatory to have the test option for these credits. Some of the courses may be provided to you and/or our guests and attendees on a “correspondence” basis.