#1 Lunch & Learn – How to BEAT iBuyers!


Offices also can add the Mandatory Ethics portion per request! 


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This class teaches Agents:


  • What is an iBuyer?
  • What are their fees?
  • How are they getting listings?
  • How do I prevent them from taking MY listings?
  • Tools & Information to BEAT non-realtor platforms


About the class:


  • NO cost to you
  • Meetings held in your office/board room
  • Use as ongoing training for your agents
  • Use as a recruiting tool
  • 90 minutes long with Q&A
  • Mandatory Ethics class can be added (1 hour)
  • #1 Ranked Lunch and Learn


What Managers & Agents are saying about this class:


Our industry can’t thank The Career Compass enough for your strong, vocal demonstration with sense of urgency compelling us to step outside the comfort zone to help our clients better”

Nicholle Davis – Berkshire Hathaway


Didn’t know what to expect – but can I just say “WOW”?! I realize what an advocate Career Compass is for our industry.

Diane West – Carmichael West Realty


It’s a pleasure being part of The Career Compass Family,  Thank you for all you do for Agents around the state.

George Castillo – First Team