The Career Compass is also your partner when it comes to:

  • training your agents to succeed
  • retaining great agents at your office
  • recruiting new agents to join your office
  • providing valuable management training
  • much more…


We offer a number of different programs to help your office grow and thrive. All of these programs are provided to you free of charge as a partner office to The Career Compass. Our real estate training programs couldn’t be easier to take advantage of. Simply take a look at the list of different in-office Lunch & Learn and office meeting topics we provide and simply request that course and a date through our online request form on this page. That’s it!


You will be contacted by our office for a few additional details and we will send to you a flier in PDF format that you can print, email and distribute to your agents, personnel and target agents in the industry that wish to recruit. We will also do our part to promote your event through our database of local agents to your area.


These amazing Lunch & Learn and office meeting topics range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and are jam-packed with great learning and tools. You can hold your class at your office, the local board (good for recruiting), a third part location such as a hotel or any other place that can accommodate the agents who will be attending. And not only is if FREE, but we provide the lunch! Free realtor training and free lunch? It doesn’t get any better than that!


Promote, recruit and retain great agents for your office!

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Some Of The Topics Covered With Our Real Estate Training Programs:


CLASSES: (Not a complete list. If you have specific needs, please request custom class)

  • getting every listing…and at 7%
  • quadrupling your business!
  • planning & tracking for success: ! !
  • bldg superior client relationships pt 1!
  • bldg superior client relationships pt 2
  • real estate marketing pt 1 & 2
  • techniques of the top 10% part 1
  • techniques of the top 10% part 2
  • peak performance real estate
  • building your team
  • door knocking for a new millennium