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 What is The Career Compass?


The Career Compass is an amazing opportunity for real estate agents and brokers working in the state of California to easily and conveniently obtain their real estate license renewal*. Taking part in our entertaining and educational training seminars means you will enjoy all of the following benefits!


The Career Compass has achieved this and we do it only 2.5 days!


That’s right, we are proud to offer you the fastest and easiest real estate license renewal* process allowed in the state of California. Our program is specifically designed to ensure you pass, guaranteed! We have the highest pass rate for real estate license renewal* testing.


Now for the  best  part:

  • Attend just one of our seminars…and you get your license renewed  for free, for life*!
  • yes, it is lifetime renewal* of your real estate license


Never before has a company given so much for so little. Why do we say, “so little?” Your lifetime ticket/membership to the career compass is only a onetime cost (never another charge) of $195! We even invite you to bring a spouse, relative or assistance for just an additional $99.00.


We invite you to watch any of our videos to learn more about this amazing opportunity!


If you have questions, please check out our FAQ page for the most common questions we get regarding this amazing program. If you still have questions, please feel free to call our office to be helped by a live person: (855) C.E. RENEW or 619-990-1106.


Ready to sign up? You would be crazy not to! Simply click the “sign up now” button and complete the quick and easy online registration process. It really is that easy. If you have a real estate license, this is truly the biggest “no brainer” in California real estate history.


The Career Compass does not cover the renewal fee associated with the renewal* of your license.


*THE CAREER COMPASS Inc., a legal corporation with the State of California operates and offers an continuing education contingency within our membership by REFERRING our clients, attendees and students to a fully accredited California Bureau of Real Estate (further known as CalBRE) license renewal*/continuing education company. Our seminar, seminar content and teaching contained within the seminar have NO connection, stipulation or requirements in reference to this referral and most importantly, it is stated in all of our materials that attendance at THE CAREER COMPASS Success Seminar is not required to qualify for the referral to these certified continuing education providers. All CalBRE rules and regulations in reference to General Information Pages, study materials, testing requirements are handled ENTIRELY by these certified continuing education providers who receive this referral.  No part of THE CAREER COMPASS Success Seminar has any bearing or influence on this referral in any way. 
The term “LIFETIME, FREE or FREE FOR LIFE” refers to THE CAREER COMPASS offering our attendee/members the opportunity to gain the above mentioned REFERRAL to a qualified CalBRE Continuing Education Provider without additional cost to the attendee/member.  This offer is in force while THE CAREER COMPASS is doing business within the State of California  This policy will remain intact unless THE CAREER COMPASS is dissolved or is no longer operating.  Any schedule changes or seminar cancellations does NOT constitute a breach of contract and any refunds are at the discretion of THE CAREER COMPASS.  Any changes by CalBRE of continuing education requirements or other license renewal changes does NOT constitute a breach of the contract and any refunds are at the sole discretion of THE CAREER COMPASS.  This membership also acknowledges and clearly states that courses for CalBRE continuing education credit/hours may or may NOT be owned by THE CAREER COMPASS Inc.  These courses may be independent licensed courses through referral only of our members to a continuing education provider. It is also understood and agreed that the lifetime policy applies to “attendance” only and does not constitute a guarantee of continuing education hours being provided by THE CAREER COMPASS.